Three Reasons Why You Should Not Avoid Mold Remdiation

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Three Reasons Why You Should Not Avoid Mold Remdiation

17 October 2016
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Mold in your house is something that you should not ignore. A mold remediation specialist can not only find the mold, but also have the mold tested to see how dangerous it is. If a mold remediation specialist tells you that you absolutely need to have mold remediation services performed, you should neither ignore his/her advice nor put off having the services completed. Here are some compelling reasons why.

Mold Spreads When Disturbed

Mold spores can quickly spread and attach to other surfaces after they have been disturbed. It does not take much to disturb the spores either, and the only way they will not move or spread is if the mold patches are consistently wet. The problem with that is that water damage will prevail in any attempt to keep the mold patches wet and prevent the spread of the spores. That means you will have significantly more damage than if the mold spores dried up and spread because the heavy moisture will break down the affected walls and ceilings. You cannot stop the spread of mold without removing it, period.

Mold Can Make You Extremely Ill

Various types of mold can cause allergies to flare, but the worst strains of mold, known simply and collectively as "black mold," can make you deathly sick and have been known to kill people. This type of mold is potent enough to cause symptoms even when it is inside an unexposed wall. You cannot continue to live in a home where large quantities of mold have been discovered and take the risk that it could kill you.

Mold Can Cost You Thousands of Dollars in Structural Repairs

When left to its own devices, mold will continue to spread. It can cost you thousands of dollars in structural damage and repairs, forcing you out of your home to live somewhere else until everything has been cleared, cleaned, and fixed. If the mold has caused extreme damage, you may not be able to salvage your home at all. You would not know that either until the mold has caused so much damage inside the walls, attic, and ceilings that it has no where else to go but through these areas and present itself to you with giant moldy spots inside your home. Do not let the biggest investment of your life (i.e., your home) to become the biggest loss of your life—hire a mold remediation service like Atlantic Heating and Cooling the minute you spot the tiniest patch of mold.