Radiant Floor Heating Solutions That Cost Less With Alternative Energy Solutions

Don't forget to prepare your heating system for the winter. Try these HVAC and furnace maintenance tips to prevent future problems.

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Preparing for the Winter? Try These Helpful Heating Tips

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Radiant Floor Heating Solutions That Cost Less With Alternative Energy Solutions

14 December 2016
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One of the costs that increase for homeowners every winter is energy used to heat homes. Modern home heating is either forced air or radiant heating in most homes. Conventional systems have modern solutions that can greatly reduce your energy costs. If you have a radiant heating system in your home, here are some of the solutions that you can have done to reduce your heating costs during the winter months:

1. Geothermal Energy Solutions for In-Floor Heating Systems

Geothermal energy is a common solution for HVAC systems to improve efficiency. It uses the thermal energy that is stored in the ground to provide a furnace or AC with heat exchange. In addition to the conventional HVAC uses, geothermal loops can also be installed for use with a biomass boiler to reduce heating costs during the winter months. In some areas, there is natural geothermal energy beneath the surface, which can be used to provide your home with heating.

2. Cutting Energy Costs with a Biomass Boiler for Radiant Heating Systems

Biomass energy is collected from organic materials, such as the firewood you use in a fireplace. With modern technology, these resources can be used in new boilers. A biomass boiler has lower fuel costs than conventional electric, gas and oil systems. Boilers can come in many different designs, such as an outdoor boiler that uses firewood or a system that uses a pellet fuel material. In addition to lower energy costs, these systems are ideal for district heating designs where heating systems are needed for more than one building.

3. Solar Energy to Provide Your Heating System with Thermal Energy

Solar energy is another solution that has long been used for heating. Today, modern solar collectors provide thermal energy that can be used by radiant heating, HVAC and water heaters. The good thing about solar collectors is that they can be integrated with many existing heating systems and water heaters easily. In addition, they are more affordable than many other renewable energy systems that are currently on the market. If you just want to improve an existing system, solar water heaters are a good solution.

With an improved boiler and other improvements, radiant floor heating is a very efficient solution to keep your home warm this winter. Contact a heating and cooling contractor like Soco Air Conditioning and talk with them about these improvements to improve the efficiency of your heating system.