2 Essential Cleaning Jobs For Your HVAC System

Don't forget to prepare your heating system for the winter. Try these HVAC and furnace maintenance tips to prevent future problems.

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2 Essential Cleaning Jobs For Your HVAC System

30 January 2017
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Your HVAC appliances, specifically the condenser unit and furnace, will need some basic maintenance over the years if you want them to remain effective and energy efficient. Of course, there are many repairs that you only be handled by professionals. This article explains two of the best cleaning jobs for both your condenser unit and your furnace. These are simple jobs you can do even if you don't have any HVAC experience.

Cleaning Your Furnace Cabinet

The best way to clean your furnace is to open up the cabinet and vacuum it out. Most cabinets have a shut off switch which is attached to the access panel. Once the access panel is removed, the power is shut down, but you will also need to turn off the gas before you can start to clean inside the furnace. The gas control knob usually large, clearly marked and easy to twist to the off position.

Once the power and gas are shut down, you can safely work on your furnace. The most useful tool for cleaning up the inside of your furnace cabinet is a hose vacuum with a brush attachment. Any dust or dirt inside your furnace should be removed. This can eventually get sucked into your furnace pump, causing a malfunctioning system. With vacuuming out the inside of your furnace cabinet, pay particular attention to the furnace pump. This is a small plastic box with tubes coming out of either end. One side of the box will have vents. Suck any dust out of these vents to help ensure your fan is sufficiently cooling off the pump. Having a cleaner furnace cabinet will not only improve airflow, it will also ensure that the air being pumped into your ducts is cleaner and allergen free.

Cleaning Your Condenser Coils

Cleaning your furnace cabinet will be beneficial to both your heating and AC systems. Cleaning your condenser unit is really only helpful for your AC system. However, it is a very simple job and definitely necessary if you use your AC on a regular basis during the summer months. First, you just need to cut the power to your condenser. If your condenser does not have a mounted power switch, you will need to find the breaker for it. Once the power is turned off, you can quickly clean your condenser with just a hose. The most important part to clean are the outer walls where the coils are. These sheets of aluminum have small ridges were dirt can get caught. When this happens, your condenser coils are far less efficient. Usually, a strong stream of water wash all the dirt out.

If you clean your condenser and your furnace cabinet on a regular basis, your systems will be far more efficient. In the long run, this could help to reduce your electricity bills.