3 Common Signs Of Furnace Problems

Don't forget to prepare your heating system for the winter. Try these HVAC and furnace maintenance tips to prevent future problems.

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Preparing for the Winter? Try These Helpful Heating Tips

Getting your heating system ready for the winter is a big task. But with the right tips, you can do it easily. Last winter was the worst time of the year for my family. Our heating system broke down and left the home freezing cold. We actually created our problem because we didn't check our furnace for issues in the fall. By the time the temperatures dropped a few months later, it was too late to repair the furnace. Instead, we had to replace it. My blog helps you avoid this problem. I offer tips on how to prepare your heating system for the upcoming winter, as well as maintenance tips you can use if it breaks down. Thanks for stopping by.


3 Common Signs Of Furnace Problems

2 November 2017
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If you live in a cold climate, you most likely use your home's furnace on a daily basis during the winter months. When you rely on a furnace as your main form of heating for your house, it can be very unsettling and stressful when the furnace is not operating properly. Luckily, in many cases a faulty furnace can be repaired by a licensed HVAC professional. Some common signs that your furnace needs to be checked out and repaired by a professional include:

No Heat

When you turn on your furnace, it shouldn't take long to feel warm air blowing through your vents. If you're heater runs for several minutes and is blowing cold air, there is a problem. A lack of heat from your furnace can indicate several different problems, such as no power to the unit, faulty thermostat settings, issues with the gas or oil line (if either of those are the fuel source for your furnace), or a burnt out pilot light. Check your thermostat to ensure that it is set to "heat" and the proper temperature; if there is no problem with the thermostat settings, contact an HVAC company for repairs. 

Inadequate Heat

It can be very frustrating when your furnace is running, but it can't adequately heat your home. In a lot of cases, this can be caused by a dirty or clogged air filter. When a furnace has a clogged/dirty air filter, the air can't circulate properly, which causes the furnace to have to work harder, but it won't be able to heat efficiently. Check your furnace's air filter and replace it if it is clogged. If that does not solve the problem, you may have a furnace that is the wrong size for your home, which may require you having the furnace replaced.

Cycling On and Off

A furnace should run until your home is heated and then have a period of time where it is off. If you have a furnace that is cycling on and off continually, the issue may be a clogged air filter, bad air flow within the furnace, or a faulty thermostat that is not properly regulating temperature and needs to be replaced. Don't ignore a furnace that cycles on and off, as this problem can cause a dramatic increase in wear and tear on your furnace while also increasing your heating bill. An HVAC technician will be able to diagnose the problem and make the right furnace repairs.