Winter Allergies Driving You Crazy? Start The Relief With Your HVAC System

Don't forget to prepare your heating system for the winter. Try these HVAC and furnace maintenance tips to prevent future problems.

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Winter Allergies Driving You Crazy? Start The Relief With Your HVAC System

15 September 2018
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If you suffer from winter allergies, you know how miserable they can make you feel. Unfortunately, some of the allergens that are driving you crazy could be directly related to the air inside your home. When most people think about winter allergens, they think about things like cats, dogs, and plant-based allergens. However, some of the most difficult allergens to fight may be related to your HVAC system. Here are three steps you can take to clear the air.

Start with a clean HVAC System

When it comes to ridding your home of winter allergens, you can't forget about your HVAC system. No, you can't get rid of the HVAC system itself, but you can get rid of the allergens that are related to it. If you haven't cleaned your ducts in a while, that's the first place you should start. Ducts are notorious for harboring multitudes of allergens that can make you miserable during the winter. Things like insect droppings, dust, pollen and even pet dander can be gathering in your ducts. You don't even need to have a pet to get pet dander and hair in your ducts. That's because it can be carried through the air and captured by your HVAC system. Before your allergies get out of hand this winter, be sure to have your entire HVAC system cleaned, including the ducts and HVAC unit. The HVAC unit itself could be coated with a thick layer of dust that's adding to your allergy symptoms.

Increase Your Filter Exchanges

If you've been diligent about changing your HVAC filters once every three months, it might not be enough for your allergy symptoms. If you suffer from serious winter allergies, you need to increase your filter exchanges to once a month. That way, those winter allergens don't have a chance to collect to alarming rates. You should also vacuum the inside of the filter compartment and wash the filter grate – the door that closes over your filter compartment – each time you change the filter. That way, you're removing any allergens that could be making you miserable.

Think Beyond the HVAC System

Once you've cleaned the HVAC system and gotten into the habit of monthly filter exchanges, there's still one more step you can take to reduce your winter allergy symptoms. You can install an air purifier in your home. One of the great things about an air purifier is that it removes the allergens that your HVAC filter missed.

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