Need More Room? 4 Tips For Planning A New Commercial Bathroom

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Need More Room? 4 Tips For Planning A New Commercial Bathroom

16 June 2019
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If your commercial building needs some updates, it's time to add a new bathroom, especially if you only have one right now. One bathroom is never enough space to provide the right accommodations for your employees and customers. While you're planning your new commercial bathroom, here are four things for you to include in the planning process.

Consider Your Bathroom Needs

When it comes to planning a new bathroom for your commercial building, it's crucial that you consider your needs first. Some of the needs you should consider include, number of occupants, accessibility, and family needs.


When planning your new bathroom, think about how many occupants you plan to accommodate. This should include the number of employees you presently have right now, as well as the number of customers who come through your office on a daily basis.


While you're planning your commercial bathroom, you'll need to consider the accessibility needs of your employees and customers. In most cases, you'll need to ensure that your new bathroom is easily accessible to those with mobility concerns.


When planning your commercial bathroom, don't forget to consider the needs of any families that may come into your place of business. You'll want to include a changing table in each bathroom, to make sure children can be properly cared for.

Make Plans for Odor Control

If you're adding a new bathroom to your commercial building, be sure to make plans for odor control. The last thing you want is to have your office overpowered by bathroom odors. A good ventilation system will help keep odors under control. Talk to your commercial plumber about the best ventilation system for your particular bathroom design.

Don't Overlook Building Codes

Now that you'll be adding a bathroom onto your commercial building, don't overlook building codes. Most cities have specific rules and regulations in place the control the construction of commercial bathrooms. Failing to follow those codes will put you at risk for fines and penalties. Before you begin your construction project, make contact with your local building code department.

Choose the Right Plumber

If you have plans to add a new bathroom onto your commercial building, be sure to choose the right plumber. To make sure the job is done properly, you'll want to choose a commercial plumber for your project. Commercial plumbing jobs require special handling, which you can receive when you work with the right plumber. For more information, contact companies like ace home services.