3 Reasons To Have Your HVAC System Checked Out After A Hurricane

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3 Reasons To Have Your HVAC System Checked Out After A Hurricane

24 August 2019
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After a hurricane passes, it's time to start working on repairing any damage and rebuilding your life. You may need to rely on various professionals in different industries to help you with this. For example, you might need to call an HVAC service so that an HVAC technician can come out and look at your unit after a storm. If you're wondering if you should contact an HVAC company after a hurricane or if you are wondering why this is a good idea, consider these important reasons.

1. Make Sure Your Unit Isn't Flooded

First of all, there might be the possibility that your HVAC unit was flooded during the storm. Even if the inside of your home did not flood, the air conditioning unit that is set up outside could have been impacted by standing water or heavy rains. Despite the fact that your unit is designed to be exposed to the elements, it isn't really designed to be exposed to serious tropical weather conditions. An HVAC technician can check for any signs of flooding and can help with any related repairs.

2. Ensure Your Wiring Wasn't Damaged

If the power went out during the storm, there could have been a power surge that could have impacted the unit's electrical system. You may want to have your wiring checked out to make sure that your unit was not damaged and that it is safe for you and your family to use now that the power is back on.

3. Have Your Unit Cleaned Out

During hurricane conditions, it is not abnormal for limbs, leaves and other debris to be blown around your yard. During the windy conditions of the storm, this debris might have blown into your outdoor air conditioning unit. It's important to get rid of this debris so that your unit can work like it is supposed to without the fan or other moving parts being impacted. Attempting to remove debris yourself could be dangerous, and you might not notice any damage inside your unit when attempting to clean it out. An HVAC professional can remove the debris from inside your unit safely and they can check to make sure that the debris did not cause any damage to the essential parts of your unit.

After a hurricane, consider calling an AC repair company to find out about having your HVAC unit checked out. This might seem unnecessary, but it can be an important part of recovering after this type of storm