Two Reasons Why Churches in Warm Climates Need Air Conditioning

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Two Reasons Why Churches in Warm Climates Need Air Conditioning

20 July 2020
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Any church that is situated in a state which has a warm climate should have air conditioning. Carry on reading and learn exactly why this is so important.

1. Avoid spoiling the pastor's sermons with high temperatures

A crowded church can get very stuffy on a hot day if it does not have any air conditioning. If the congregation and the pastor feel too warm, then there is a chance that the pastor's delivery of their sermon might not go very well. For example, if the church-goers have to sit in a hot environment, they may resort to swishing their handheld fans, church leaflets or their hats back and forth, to cool down. If dozens of them do this, the swishing noise could distract the other church-goers; this might lead to them not hearing parts of the sermon. Additionally, if the pastor has to wear their heavy cassock and stole in a blisteringly-hot church with no air conditioning, they may become lightheaded, which may result in them bumbling through their sermon instead of delivering it in the calm, powerful manner they intended to.

If an HVAC contractor fits a quiet air conditioning system in a church like this, this equipment will eliminate the need for the congregation to noisily fan themselves by hand and allow everyone to pay attention to the pastor as they speak. Furthermore, the pastor will feel comfortable whilst they deliver their sermon while wearing a weighty cassock and stole.

2. Make the church seats more sanitary

If people have to sit through an entire church service on a hot day in a building that has no air conditioning and that is, therefore, much too warm, they will produce a lot of perspiration as their bodies try to cool down. Some individuals might perspire to the point where their sweat seeps through their clothing and onto the benches they're sitting on. This will make these benches unsanitary. If the church is used for multiple services each day, its janitorial team will have to sanitize these benches after every service to ensure that they are clean enough for the next set of worshippers.

If in this situation, the church management team paid an HVAC contractor to fit air conditioning in this building, they could prevent the janitorial team from being overburdened with too much work and could make the congregation's experience a lot nicer and potentially more spiritual.

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