How To Prepare For Your Air Conditioner Installation

Don't forget to prepare your heating system for the winter. Try these HVAC and furnace maintenance tips to prevent future problems.

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How To Prepare For Your Air Conditioner Installation

17 August 2020
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During those hot summer months, an air conditioner can be a lifesaver. Not only does it reliably transport cold air all throughout your house, but it can also purify the air, making it cleaner and healthier for your family to breathe in (very important for people with allergy or asthma issues). 

But what happens when it goes out? The average air conditioner lasts between 15-20 years, so an AC install is not something you'll go through very often; because of that, it can be a stressful process. 

It doesn't have to be. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for your AC installation. Following these steps will ensure you have a peaceful transition and have a unit that is operating at peak efficiency in no time.

Make Some Room

If your AC install company is planning on replacing the ductwork instead of just the unit itself, you'll need to clear a path through your home to allow them space to work. If you're just replacing the unit, it's still a good idea to move the cars out of the driveway or relocate items in the attic so that the technicians can reach the workspace. Chances are, if you don't do this, they'll either ask you to move it during the day of the AC installation, so it's better to get it out of the way first.

Clean the Ducts

This isn't a job that you will most likely do yourself, but whenever you're having a new AC unit installed, you should schedule a duct cleaning beforehand. The last thing you want is to have a brand new air conditioner blowing air through dusty ducts and re-contaminating your home, so have this done prior to your AC install. If you're replacing the ductwork along with the new AC unit, it's wise to lay sheets over the couches and take the pictures off the wall as well. Vibrations can shake the walls enough that things all, and the dust from the renovation can cover your furniture.

Plan to Review

While some homeowners prefer to be hands off with the contractor when they're getting a new AC install, everyone should take the time to at least walk through the new system with the technician. They'll test the unit with you, explain any new features, as well as give final instructions as to what to expect. It's an invaluable part of the process and one that shouldn't be ignored.

For more information on AC installations, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.