Don't forget to prepare your heating system for the winter. Try these HVAC and furnace maintenance tips to prevent future problems.

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Preparing for the Winter? Try These Helpful Heating Tips

Getting your heating system ready for the winter is a big task. But with the right tips, you can do it easily. Last winter was the worst time of the year for my family. Our heating system broke down and left the home freezing cold. We actually created our problem because we didn't check our furnace for issues in the fall. By the time the temperatures dropped a few months later, it was too late to repair the furnace. Instead, we had to replace it. My blog helps you avoid this problem. I offer tips on how to prepare your heating system for the upcoming winter, as well as maintenance tips you can use if it breaks down. Thanks for stopping by.


Two Reasons Why Churches in Warm Climates Need Air Conditioning

20 July 2020
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Any church that is situated in a state which has a warm climate should have air conditioning. Carry on reading and learn exactly why this is so important. 1. Avoid spoiling the pastor's sermons with high temperatures A crowded church can get very stuffy on a hot day if it does not have any air conditioning. If the congregation and the pastor feel too warm, then there is a chance that the pastor's delivery of their sermon might not go very well. Read More …

Residential Furnace Issues That Need To Be Looked At By Professionals

15 June 2020
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At some point down the road, your furnace may run into complications. Some you can fix, but others are too complex. Here are several that should always be looked at by experts.  Faulty Thermostat Having a faulty thermostat can be very problematic because it may prevent your furnace from even turning out. Since this problem involves electricity, you'll just want to work with an experienced electrical contractor. They have the means of fixing all sorts of thermostat issues, including damaged fuses, unconnected wires, and even overloading. Read More …

Air Conditioning Problems And Issues You Can Expect To Encounter

7 May 2020
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During the summer months, the air conditioning system may be an appliance that you run almost constantly. Not surprisingly, problems with the air conditioner can quickly result in the home's interior temperature becoming too hot to be comfortable. Musty Smells When The AC Is In Operation Foul odors coming from the air conditioning unit can be an extremely disruptive problem to encounter as it can reduce the air quality in the home, contribute to health problems for those living there, and impair the overall performance of the system. Read More …

Will You Be Able To Use Your Air Conditioning This Summer?

6 April 2020
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As the year goes on, and summer draws closer, a new question is forming in many people's minds: Will the coronavirus go away in warmer weather? So far, the consensus is that no one really knows; it's possible that it will be less of an issue then, just as the flu is less of an issue, but no one knows for sure. So when the weather gets hotter and you need to turn on your central air conditioner, is that going to be safe, or will it push viral particles into other rooms, should the virus be carried into your house? Read More …

Leaky Ductwork Could Be To Blame For Excess Dust

28 February 2020
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Has dusting become a chore that you previously only had to perform once a month but now find yourself performing almost daily? Excessive dust collecting isn't just something going on in your head. An issue with leaking ductwork could be the source of the problem. Learn more about why leaky ductworks cause issues and how you can address the problem. The Problem with Leaky Ductwork To understand how a leak in the air duct can increase dust inside a home, you first need to understand how air flows. Read More …