Preparing for the Winter? Try These Helpful Heating Tips

Don't forget to prepare your heating system for the winter. Try these HVAC and furnace maintenance tips to prevent future problems.

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Preparing for the Winter? Try These Helpful Heating Tips

Getting your heating system ready for the winter is a big task. But with the right tips, you can do it easily. Last winter was the worst time of the year for my family. Our heating system broke down and left the home freezing cold. We actually created our problem because we didn't check our furnace for issues in the fall. By the time the temperatures dropped a few months later, it was too late to repair the furnace. Instead, we had to replace it. My blog helps you avoid this problem. I offer tips on how to prepare your heating system for the upcoming winter, as well as maintenance tips you can use if it breaks down. Thanks for stopping by.


Fall And Winter Allergies? Tackle These Tasks To Ease Your Symptoms

4 November 2015
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Do you find that your allergy symptoms get worse in the fall and winter? Most likely, this is because you're allergic to mold spores and dust, which accumulate in your home. Once the weather gets cold and you spend more time inside where these allergens are hanging out, you start noticing more symptoms. Luckily, you don't have to keep on suffering until springtime. Tackle these cleaning and maintenance tasks to get your allergies under control. Read More …

How To Stop Your AC From Freezing Up

31 October 2015
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While you may need to eventually talk with an HVAC professional, like Pristine Air Conditioning Corp, about serving older systems, there are a few air conditioning repair tasks that you can perform yourself--including thawing out ice that might accumulate on your air conditioner. You may be surprised to discover that your air conditioner coils are covered with ice on a hot summer day. If you do not correct the underlying problem, your AC will operate less efficiently and will be more likely to fail. Read More …

Do Your Home’s Pipes Need To Be Replaced?

28 October 2015
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If you live in an older home, you may need to replace your pipes. Issues with leaks, discolored water, or obvious corrosion means a call to the plumber is in order. Replacing them now may save you money in the future. Life Expectancy Your pipes are meant to last for decades, but a variety of factors can either lengthen or shorten the life of your plumbing. In general, brass, galvanized steel, and cast iron pipes should last for 80–100 years, while copper should work from 70–100 years. Read More …

Three Ways To Improve Your AC Efficiency

27 October 2015
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A highly efficient AC unit can be cost prohibitive. If you are hoping to cut your cooling costs, then updating an older AC unit with a brand new, highly efficient system may not be the best option. Instead, you should consider trying some upgrades that come with a smaller cost yet will help you to realize savings. This will help you to free up money in your budget so that you can afford a new AC unit down the road. Read More …

How To Help Your Home’s Furnace Keep You Warm

27 October 2015
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A furnace cannot do all of the work when it comes to keeping your house warm. That is because heat will dissipate if it is not adequately retained. While factors like insulation play a large role in how well your home retains heat, it may be outside your budget to add more insulation right away. Until then, you can improve the efficiency of your furnace by improving heat retention in other ways. Read More …